1. Easy Seated: Practice slow breathing with good posture, eyes closed

  • Neck stretch – ear to shoulder   

  • Side body stretch – single arm over head reach

  • Open hearted backbend – hands behind you on back, stretch through collarbones


2. Table Top (Hands and Knees)

  • Cat-cow

  • Pointed Dog Pose (Extend one leg)  - can add arm for Spinal Balance

  • Thread the Needle 

  • Childs Pose


3. Mountain Pose – Standing

  • Gentle standing backbend – hands on hips, gaze up

  • Forward Fold

  • Half-way lift to airplane – back parallel to floor, arms reach behind, slowly move side to side

  • Gentle standing backbend – hands on hips, gaze up

  • Chair Pose  - move from chair to gentle backbend a few times



  • Straddle seated fold – legs wide, reach arms forward

  • Head to knee – one leg bent in -  reach toward straight leg

  • Butterfly – feet together, lean forward, keep good posture (don’t round back)

  • Seated twist  - one leg straight, one knee bent, leverage elbow on knee


5. Prone (lying on back)

  • Full body stretch – reach arms and legs long

  • Reverse half pigeon – figure 4 stretch

  • Single leg stretch – use a strap around foot, gently move leg across body

  • Egg pose (hugs knees in)  - rotate ankles

  • Bent knee twist  - shoulders on ground, knees to side


Savasana - quiet still, meditative breathing