Run Like a Kid

I've often wondered whether or not my kids will catch the endurance bug. It's easy to assume that our love of running and biking would just rub off on the kids. Don't get me wrong, they are busy and active - just with their own things. They have both tried a few of the kids races and are willing to participate and have fun. But, I can tell they're not really loving it. Not like we love it.

Am seeing it all wrong? Perhaps what we see as setting a good example, they see as having to wait (once again) for a parent to finish up a run or a ride before we can start our day. What we see as finish line excitement, they see as sweaty, spandex wearing adults taking running way too seriously. Think back to when you were a kid - can you imagine your mom in spandex. Weird right?!

Are they on to something? Do adults take this stuff way to seriously? FUN is what turned me on to racing in the first place - it made me feel happy and proud. Somehow, it got to be serious and a little less happy-go-lucky. New, unpleasant emotions have arisen over the years. I feel let down by my performance sometimes. Anxious and impatient when I can't run due to injury. Stress about fitting my own training into my schedule. I'll be embarrassingly honest, but I worry what other people will think of my results. And the whole #FOMO thing is real (you know, Fear Of Missing Out on all the races!)

That is not the athlete I want to be, and certainly not what I want to pass along to my kids.

Don't worry, I have gotten my wake up call. Several things that happened this year, including a forced rest due to injury, that have reminded me to ditch the expectations and just run happy. It's not easy, but I am working on it. My daughter recently helped me clear up my cloudy lens as we embarked on training for her first 5K.

I naturally did the type A athlete/trainer thing and created her a periodized 8 week training plan.

{Face palm} That was me inadvertently passing my need for training perfection along to Logan. She didn't have to say it, but in her goofy little sweet way, she reminded me once again to just have fun with her and run happy - however that looks.

The 2017 season is going to be a lot different for both Ben and me. It will be his first in 4 straight years without an Ironman. Although a low key year makes us both feel a little weird, we are having fun diving into coaching, and I personally am so excited to kick off my 2017 season with a 5K with my daughter.

Logan and I had the pleasure of talking with WZZM about our training together. I'd love to hear how you meld family life and training together - comment below.

Click here to view our wzzm segment.


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