What is Fascia and Why Does it Matter?

Under your skin, throughout your entire body is densely packed collagen that gives our body its human shape. This substance is called fascia. Crisscrossing like a web, pockets of fascia encases your bones, muscles, joints, nerves and organs – protecting them and keeping them separated. It is everywhere, its structure creates our movement patterns. Arguably, fascia affects every system of the body and every aspect of our health.

When our fascia gets jacked up, it’s a serious problem!

Do you sit a lot? AIC most of the day? Lack of activity will lock fascial fibers into place as they adhere together. Infrequent movement, poor posture, lack of flexibility and the stress of repetitive movements pull the fascia into patterns. An impact injury or repetitive stress causes the fascial fibers to thicken into adhesions. You may have heard of the term trigger point for these adhesions.

Healthy fascia is essential for overall wellbeing.

Let me back up real quick and remind you that if you’re dealing with a serious or long term injury related to fascia, there is no replacement for a good personal trainer, therapist or chiropractor. However, most of us possess enough self-awareness to do the practice of self-myofascial release on our own to deal with every day jacked up fascia.

There are some great tools on the market to keep your facia healthy on your own.

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