Strong Hips for Stability

The Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip-Complex (LPHC) includes the lumbar spine, pelvic girdle, and hip joint. These are important structures of your body’s “core”. All movement originates from the core, and this is where you get your center of gravity, so a strong core is critical to being an efficient athlete. the hip complex stabilizes your leg in each phase of the running cycle. There’s plenty of research out there to link a weak hip complex to injury in athletes.

The exercises in this set focus directly on the LPHC, and include 10 repetitions of three different exercises in three different positions. The only gear you need is an exercise band, which can be placed around the ankle, above the knee or around the mid-foot to add resistance to the exercise.

Exercise bands come in different tensions, so choose one that is challenging but still allows you to perform the exercise with a controlled movement. It’s important to keep your feet square and avoid pointing the toes outward.


Start with 10 reps of each exercise and build up from there!


  • Monster walks – simply walk side to side with the band kept taut. Don’t waddle!

  • Sumo walks – take a small step forward and then back

  • Jacks – a small jack should really fire the hips!

  • Squats – squeeze the muscles of your glutes as you squat


  • Low monster walks

  • Low sumo walks

  • Low Jacks – hello quads!

  • Inchworm walk out to plank

PRONE POSITION (in high plank):

  • Prone side taps – similar to the monster walk, use the hip and don’t point the toe out

  • Prone step ins – take small steps in and out to challenge the core

  • Prone jacks – watch the low back and keep the wrists in line with shoulders

  • Inchworm back to standing

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