We offer individualized triathlon, running and road cycling coaching programs for athletes of all levels ranging from elite performers to non-competitive beginners.

Our customized plans use periodization training built around the athlete's lifestyle and family commitments.  As a couple who both compete regularly in endurance, we value balance and focus when training for an event.


Communication is a key component for the relationship between athlete and coach. Our style is hands-on with regular communication and e-coaching with weekly feedback.   


We offer expertise in training and competing with power meters and heart rate to improve performance and be an efficient athlete. Customized core and strength training programs available.


One on one coaching includes a custom training plan to achieve power and speed goals, weekly communication for plan modifications, coaching for nutrition, recovery, flexibility and strength - basically all aspects of a successful event! 


Flexible and detailed training plans are available for online coaching clients with email access to your coach. 

We kick off the plans with a face to face meeting or video call.  If you're ready to get started, complete our athlete survey and send us a note on the contact form.


  • Ironman 30 weeks

  • Half Ironman 20 weeks

  • Olympic Tri 20 weeks

  • Marathons 18 weeks

  • Half Marathon 16-18 wks

  • Sprint Tri and 5K 12 wks

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