2017 Soccer Training!


Hello Catholic Central Families! 

I have truly enjoyed working with both the boys and girls soccer teams at Catholic Central these past few years. So, I thank you for the opportunity to work with your athlete again in 2017!  Here's hoping we have an equally successful season!  

Coach Hughes and I both agree that our preseason strength training is an integral part of the CC Soccer program success. We are not only getting the guys ready physically for the season, but at our sessions we also begin building the bond of friendship within the team.  We have fun!  Well... I have fun anyway.  The guys work hard and are taken out of their "normal" workout comfort zone.  Perhaps misery loves company?! 

What I mean by taking them away from the "normal", is that I use a foundational approach to our training, meant to build athleticism and reduce the likelihood of overuse injury.  We build strength from the core outwards, with multi-joint, multi-directional compound exercises, which are contrary to the power-lifting type exercises that can be found in many high school weight rooms.


I could go on and on...  Just please reach out if you have any questions.  You can catch me at info@stuartcoaching.com.  More information can be found below. 

Catholic Central  Team Training

Parents, we have a few different things going on this spring and summer, so please read through to the end.


1. Strength Training at Allegro Coaching (3091 29th St. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49512, formerly Symmetry). These classes will be held at 4pm on Wednesdays and will continue all summer through try-outs. As the season approaches, we will be adding additional sessions.  

2. Strength and Conditioning after Open Play.  I will be making an appearance from time to time after Sunday open play at 4pm 

The cost for these sessions is $100 and can be paid by check to Stuart Coaching or using the PayPal link below.  If you have special circumstances, please feel free to contact me and we can work something out.  I will also need a liability waiver (one per family is okay), which you can download here.





BONUS!!  Speed Training. Starting the week of June 5, I will be hosting weekly drop in speed training sessions geared towards high school athletes that want to work on improving their speed. We will start with a 2 mile time trial meant to determine their baseline, and I will assign workouts based on that. They will need to bring a digital watch with a second hand. We will start at the EGR track, but also do some hill work.  These sessions will be Thursdays at 10am for the summer. The drop in cost is $7.


Please email me if you'd like more information or to register your athlete.  I'm limiting the number of participants so I am able to effectively coach while they are running. This is not part of the soccer program, but a really great opportunity!  Speed training is open to all students and schools, so if you have other kids they are welcome to join too, and feel free to tell your friends.