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2021 Jumpstart Challenge + 1-on-1 coaching 


2021 Jumpstart


January 18-April 12, 2021




What is the 2021 Jumpstart?

The 2021 Jumpstart is a 12-week program for athletes looking to refresh their nutrition, establish healthy habits and get their machines primed for a killer 2021 season. By no means a "diet" or weight loss contest, the program is designed to motivate you to look closely at your nutrition habits, and make changes that put you on a healthy and realistic path towards your ideal race weight. In addition to nutritional guidance, you'll get support and encouragement to find training consistency and get in the miles through the winter season.

The program includes a weekly nutrition focus, structure to help you make a meal plan that works for YOU, as well as numerous incentives to boost your workout consistency. Not only will Coach Kari, a seasoned personal trainer and certified coach, support you every step of the way, there are also individual challenges such as the Goal Digger Workout Challenge and the Thrice 5K Series to keep you motivated and having fun. 

Are you ready to train smarter, eat like an athlete and find consistency in both? 

Nutrition Focus
Losing weight and improving body composition starts in the kitchen. So, this program will be all about eating clean and creating healthy habits. Every week will have a nutrition focus aimed at improving mental strength and training performance. Topics include: 

  • Goal Setting 

  • Body Image and Mindset

  • A Periodized Nutrition Strategy for the Athlete

  • Protein and its Role in Building Strength and Recovery

  • Carbs and Fat: Fact and Fiction 

  • Athlete Superfoods


  • Hormones: how they affect training 

  • Optimizing your Body's Efficiency through Nutrition 

  • Hydration Strategy for Training and Racing 

  • Label Reading

  • Women are Not Small Men: How our cycle effects training

You will not be handed a blueprint of exactly what to eat and what to do. That is NOT how real, lasting change happens. What you will get is guidance and support to create meal plans that work for you and your family. Sure, you'll get examples and recipes galore. The most important thing you will get is an understanding on how to do this on your own without spending hours or stressing out.



As with anything in life, you get out what you put in. Participate and earn points for check-ins and sticking to your commitments.  Points earn you fun prizes like a Riverbank entry (any race) or free personal training sessions!  Kari will check in with the group daily and give you lots of food for thought.  You will have weekly homework that accompanies the nutrition focus and should take no longer than 30 minutes (but will hopefully get you thinking all week long!).  If you are seeking a deeper level of accountability and guidance then the ALL IN option is for you! Learn more below. 

The Goal Digger Workout Challenge
The Goal Digger Challenge is a fun and flexible challenge to keep your workout consistency strong. It's is a simple format and tailored to your training goals. Do what you say you are going to do.  You design your own personal goal for workouts, and then stick to it. Earn points for your commitment.  In addition, you’ll have the chance to dig a little deeper and earn bonus points by participating in weekly virtual workouts and the Thrice 5K run/walk series. 

Thrice 5K Series

Since there are three, and I love David Rose, it is named the Thrice 5K series. Again, simple plan.  You have 1 month to complete a 5K run or walk and submit results. Points are earned for participation and random winners will be chosen. If you want to dress like David Rose, that would be great but not required.  


Other Workouts
I will share videos of warm-up, cool down, strength, and stretching workouts plus lots of tips and facts about strength training for athletes. In addition a zoom workout session will be held weekly, and the recording will be shared with the group.


Yes, I mentioned 2 options.  Option 1 is the Jumpstart Challenge Group that includes all the items mentioned above. You get all this really valuable information and tools at your fingertips. I'd recommend an accountability buddy for option 1, so you together you can help each other keep on track. Option 2 is more intensive.  It includes everything in Option 1 PLUS full-on 1-on-1 Stuart Coaching services!  You can learn more about coaching here and please reach out if you have questions. 

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2021 Jumpstart Challenge


For less than $10 a week, you'll get all the tools you need to get your nutrition on point over the course of 12-weeks. This includes nutritional education, support and encouragement, workouts and accountability - all that fun stuff mentioned above. 

Bring a friend on board with you for a 20% discount for both of you! 

Though we don't officially start until January 18, you will receive info when you sign up to get started on your plan.

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ALL IN! 2021 Jumpstart Challenge + 1-on-1 coaching 


Are you ALL IN? This option includes the 21 Jumpstart Challenge PLUS 1-on-1 offseason coaching. 

  • Individualized offseason training plan with 1-on-1 access to your coach ($375 value)*

  • Personal Training Assessment ($75 value)

  • Video form review of bike set up and run gait ($75 value) 

  • Annual Training plan strategy session ($40 value)

  • Jumpstart Group Challenge ($119 value)

Step 1

Step 2

* The term of the training plan and coaching will coincide with the dates of the 2021 Jumpstart Challenge.