Welcome to Stuart Coaching

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. 


We provide safe and effective coaching using a balanced approach that allows athletes to maintain family and life obligations while achieving their athletic dreams. 

Lifting a Bike


For running, cycling and triathlon to be fun, safe and accessible for athletes of all ages and abilities. We provide a supportive and encouraging environment where athletes can make their dreams come true without sacrificing other valuable areas of their lives. 

Our Guiding Principals: Family

Focus. To help athletes set goals and follow a systemic process to achieve their dreams.

Advise. To provide guidance and support to help athletes balance family, work and training.

Motivate. To provide feedback and set micro-goals so athletes remain motivated and engaged in the training process.

Inspire. To help our athletes feel empowered and confident on race day and to enjoy the training journey.

Lead. To give athletes valuable tools to take with them throughout their athletic career; to help athletes to develop habits that will allow them to use their time most effectively to achieve their goals.

You. To always treat every athlete as an individual with a unique history and goals.