Successful athletes understand the power of coaching.
Coaches help you identify and focus on what is most important, accelerating your path to success.
Working with a coach is a partnership that allows you to accomplish feats you may not be able to on your own.  


Individual training to allow athletes to safely enhance their performance and better themselves inside and out, while maintaining focus on their performance goals.


Individualized triathlon, running and road cycling coaching programs for athletes of all levels ranging from elite performers to non-competitive beginners.

Training PLANS

Get a detailed, periodized training plan through the Training Peaks program, with mobile access and daily email reminders of workouts.


Group sessions to safely and effectively build strength, improve cardiovascular conditioning, increase mobility and flexibility while working together as a team.

Balance   Consistency   Endurance   Adaptability   Recovery


Live Your Dream


The important tenets of partnership is something that Kari and Ben fully understand as they are both partners in life and partners in training. As coaches, they bring their individual strengths and talents, offering a unique dual perspective to the partnership with their athletes.  

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